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Policare™ Complete Care Kit for Dentures and Partials

Polident® will remove tough stains, eliminate 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria, and effectively remove plaque and odor-causing film. Brushing after soaking helps to ensure the removal of debris and plaque, and it also helps to dislodge food particles that soaking alone cannot do.
Contains: 12 kits, each kit with: (6) Polident® 3-Minute Denture Cleanser tablets, (1)-0.30 oz Super Poligrip® Free adhesive cream, (1) Polident denture bath, (1) Polident denture brush and (1) product information card
Pkg: Pkg/12 Type: Kit
ADS Item #: 278505387
Manuf Part #: GSK 60000000202937
Manufacturer: Glaxo Smith Kline
Category: Preventive Prophy
Subcategory: Preventive - Denture Products
Availability: GA (32) VA: (15)
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