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Experienced Integration, Plus Training And Ongoing Support

Atlanta Dental Technology Specialists are known for their customized and functional installations. Experienced in ALL major brands, they will walk you through the steps of a well coordinated, successful implementation.

Call us today for an in-office discussion of the technology you are considering for your practice. We can show you options to meet your needs and review the return on your investment. We have the experience you need to add or update sensors, pans, cephs, cone beam systems, phosphor plate scanning systems and intraoral cameras.

  • Clinical / Imaging Software
  • Digital X-ray, Intraoral Sensors / Pan
  • Cone Beam
  • Phosphor Plate Scanning Systems
  • Special Mounts and Arms
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Practice Management Software
  • Specialized Digital Training

Imaging Software

Imaging Software with an Open Platform Architecture allows you more freedom to use existing products plus add new technology without changing to unfamiliar software. Let us show you options for cameras, sensors, pans, and cone beam in the comfort of your office.

Practice Management Software

Available Data
All your data is available to you and under your complete control. Not just some of your data, but ALL of it is open (still very secure), available to other programs. Plan for the future and use the database that is built upon open standards, not one that is closed and proprietary.

Don’t get locked into a single software vendor. Using open source software is the only way out of vendor lock because anyone has the freedom to support the software, to make improvements to it, and to resell it. Open Dental will always belong to the entire dental community.


Choices • Freedom • Compatibility

Comprehensive Suite of Dental Software
The XLDent Suite is the first and only comprehensive suite of dental software products designed for Tablet PC and wireless technologies. This allows dental staff to create an interactive experience for their patients, and provides flexibility in the delivery of patient care and service offerings. ImageXL stores images from any digital imaging peripheral and integrates them seamlessly into your patients' charts. Attach images directly to the face of the dental chart, pair with the functionality of a Tablet PC, note watch areas and organize your diagnostic and cosmetic images using one complete solution. ImageXL is compatible with all Dental Practice Management systems and is a necessary component of the electronic dental record.