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Racord® Two Twisted Retraction Cord Impregnated w/ Racemic Epinephrine HCI & Zinc Phenolsulfonate Size 8/0 72 in. Each

Racord® Two Retraction Cord is a combination of vasoconstrictor and astringent action in one cord. It is impregnated with a solution containing both racemic epinephrine hydrochloride and zinc phenolsulfonate, and then dried by a special process. • Ensures optimal retraction • 100% cotton cord • Special drying process ensures consistent medicament content • Memory free for precise placement and retention in the sulcus • Easy placement and packing • Unique packaging prevents cord tangles and cord will not fall back into bottle • Epinephrine strength is 55%-70% less than Racord® • NTS technology helps ensure consistent amounts of medicament throughout the entire length of the retraction cord
Pkg: Pkg/1 Brand Name: Racord®
Size: 8/0 Active Ingredients: Racemic Epinephrine HCI & Zinc Phenolsulfonate
Type: Twisted Unit Size: 72"
ADS Item #: 4929R-08-2
Manuf Part #: 07-800
SDS: Download SDS Information
Manufacturer: Pascal
Category: Impression Materials
Subcategory: Impressioning - Retraction
Availability: GA (13) VA: (0)
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