Handpiece Repair

Guaranteed EASY!

Atlanta Dental is now the ONLY Certified KaVo and A-dec W&H 
Handpiece repair facility in the Southeast.

We repair all major brands plus many private label handpieces!

Please call us Toll Free for more information: 1.800.308.7359
Our Handpiece Repair Service Offers: 

• High Speed Turbine Rebuilds
• Turbine Replacement          
• Sonic Scaler Repairs  • Low Speed Handpiece Repairs • Replace Fiber Optic Bundles


At the Atlanta Dental Service Center, we give you the best repair possible by using the highest quality replacement parts and OEM turbines available. When we receive your handpiece, it is logged into our database so we can keep track of your repairs and warranty information.


We check all functions, including bearings, chuck, air leaks and clogs to determine the problem. If your handpiece checks out with no problems, it will be returned to you with this message enclosed: "No repair needed."


We have a 48 hour turn-around on high speed handpieces once the estimate is approved. Most slow speed handpieces turn-around in less than 72 hours.


Estimates are available upon request.

Handpiece mailer boxes are supplied with FREE inbound shipping for all handpiece repairs